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We like to keep things simple. Try our FREE Limited 2 Property/7-day Trial Plan. Or go straight to the Advanced Program [payable in monthly installments or single annual payment.]

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Signing up for the FREE Limited 2 Property/7-day Trial Plan allows you to run two properties through the program. We recommend that you choose properties that you are familiar with. Many of our customers use two of the properties that they have recently completed rehabbing.

The Advanced Plan allows you to ‘run the numbers’ on one or a million properties. It gives you full access to all aspects of the program AND allows parameter changes for a variety of construction upgrades.

Whether you’re using an IOS, Android, or Browser-based computer, activation gives you access to the program. No matter how you connect to the internet, you’ll have it with you as you walk through a property. AND you’ll be confident about the accuracy of the offers you’re making.

About Rehab Estimator Pro

Imagine you walk into a house that fits your purchase criteria, spending 15 minutes inside and outside, and are able to evaluate ON THE SPOT what needs to get done AND how much it will cost to repair. Before Rehab Estimator Pro Rehab Estimator you would have to go back to the office, research materials, costs, figure in labor costs, and more, BEFORE you could calculate and arrive at an offer. Now you have a tool right in front of you, as you are walking the property. No more "Let me go back to the office and figure this up." Before you leave, you will be able to show the seller why you came up with the offer(s) you did. And have the details to back it up.

Imagine how many more deals you are going to close.

Whether you are new to the business, or an old pro, the confidence of immediate calculations is enormous. You have a real number and it's solid. We have provided State Specific Value so you have starting point on the price for each item needed in most rehab jobs to determine what the job will actually cost you. And you can feel confident that you will be able to give a fair offer to the seller, while still making a profit.

And if you are experienced, the offer can reflect your own numbers. The Rehab Estimator Pro Rehab Estimator will do the math for you and you can decide while at the property what you want to offer. What a fantastic negotiating tool. AND if you can carry a printer, you can print the offer (and all the needed repairs) right there before you even leave. Closing ratio through the roof.

Start today, get in on the tool that will blow up your business.

Awesome Features


We reach out and get the solds for you. While we pre-select a few for you, you can select whatever comparable’s you want and let it generate a computed After Repair Value. But because you know some things that can’t be determined by a computer system, you can choose to adjust that value up or down.

Rehab Estimate

This is the core of the system, you walk through the house and tell the Rehab Estimator Pro Rehab Estimator what needs to be fixed. How many windows to replace? Do you replace the Furnace, Hot Water Heater, Kitchen? It has prices already defined so you don’t have to know them, but can change them if you need to.

Seller net Sheet

While it’s a bit of data, you can actually tell the seller how much they would ACTUALLY get from selling their house the old-fashioned way. Realtor Costs, Closing Costs, Seller Concessions. If they are in forecloser, these costs can be incorporated. Down to one final number – here is what you walk away with.


Imagine being able to give the seller options. An all cash offer, partial seller finance, or full seller finance. Let them choose, by giving multiple offers you increase your closing’s. And allow you to help more people.

We are Here to Help You

We have Videos on how to use the various parts of the program. From creating an offer (from add property to offer), all the way to the most advanced portion of creating your own values for the repair items. And we are adding new videos as we go along.

If that is not enough then we offer free email support on all the plans. We have an on-line community which will launch very soon, so you can get help from other people who have used the Rehab Estimator Pro Rehab Estimator.

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Number of properties 2 Properties may be evaluated
during the 7-day trial period
Save offer as PDF Yes Yes
Email offer No Yes
Print to attached printer No Yes
State specific pricing available Yes Yes
Personal pricing No Yes
Data synchronized to the server Yes Yes
Data shared Web version with Playstore Apps Yes Yes
Sub-accounts (assistants/employees) No Yes
Separate security on sub-accounts No Yes
Edit properties and estimates Within first 4 hours after adding the property Anytime
Edit parameter values and descriptions No Yes
Add your own parameters No Yes
Delete properties (and estimates) No Yes
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