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Our Mission

Our mission is to get in and out of a house quickly, determine the cost to rehab, and generate an offer to the seller, before the investor leaves the house. Our goal is to provide a robust tool that all investors, from beginners to the pros, can use and benefit from it.

Our Values


Integrity is one of our CORE values. Everyone benefits when we offer the highest quality product on the market.


We believe ALL deals should be fair for all parties involved.


Keeping our knowledge up to date is a high priority. Laws change, new techniques are introduced and new concepts that improve the industry become available all the time. Staying abreast of the changes allows us to offer the best product


While we are sympathetic with homeowners faced with selling their house, we would rather tell the seller WHY we can’t buy their house or meet their asking price. Rehab Estimator Pro helps bring the seller back to earth and allows realistic negotiations to take place.

About Rehab Estimator Pro

We are both real estate investors that have been buying and selling real estate for a long time. Matt began his career as a Rehab contractor. Over the years he has rehabbed over a thousand houses. Scott, a computer software engineer, became interested in real estate in 2002 and has completed over 100 transactions since. When we looked around for a product to allow us to walk through a house and QUICKLY determine what needed to be done, we didn’t find anything that was easy to use OR gave reliable answers. So, we created one.

Matt H

Matt Hedstrom has owned and currently operates several construction, general contracting, and real estate rehabilitation businesses in the Midwest USA, in communities ranging in size from the Chicago Metro area, midsized Milwaukee, down to smaller communities in the middle of the US.

In close partnership with Short Sale Experts, LLC, Matt, a licensed contractor, runs a successful General Contractor business. He has extensive experience in rehabbing residential homes (whether for purchase or rent to own), acquisitions/sales of investment property both residential and commercial, and managing large-scale commercial projects. He ran a very successful residential remodeling company in Minnesota as a licensed contractor.

Matt started a fully automated wholesaling company, Sellfastwithus.com, that sends out thousands of pieces of direct mail. He is currently working to create a real estate lending company that is scheduled to launch soon. In addition he is continuing to expand his rental property portfolio with his company Tri-City Properties.

Matt believes education is the foundation of any good business and strives to help others grow their potential. He became a co-owner of WiscoREIA, Wisconsin’s premier Real Estate Investors Association in order to share his love for learning and keys to success with investors throughout Wisconsin.

Matt and his wife of over twenty years, Lu, have six amazing kids ranging in age from 3 to 21. He has a huge heart for mission work and travels around the world leading about 5-6 trips a year building churches and houses all over the world (Africa, Central/South America, Asia). Other hobbies include reading, hunting, kite-boarding, and surfing.

Through his efforts, and core values of honesty and integrity, he is elevating individual properties, neighborhoods and even communities. With over 20 years in real estate and contracting experience there isn’t a problem that Matt can’t find a solution for. His unique knowledge, contacts, and experience come together to find the best solution for his clients and the communities they live in.

Scott K

Scott is a successful Entrepreneur with a passion for both real estate investing and computer programming/consulting. Using the skills and insight built over 30 years, he combined this knowledge in an easy-to-use tool that will help other investors find their success. He is an Entrepreneur who has had a number of successful businesses over years.

"I've always loved finding and rehabbing homes but felt the process of estimating costs bogged me down. I needed an easy way to estimate costs that would help me determine whether a project was worthwhile. . There wasn’t anything out there that was powerful enough to be useful. Creating Rehab Estimator Pro solved that problem. Now, I can accurately estimate costs on the fly and determine whether I should invest or not. And at a time when homes are not on the market long, every second counts." Scott

Scott, a Masters-degreed Electrical and Systems Engineer, has clients that have used his engineering and programming services for over 29 years. He brings the same dedication to quality to Real Estate Investing, rehabbing, and resale (wrong word), improving individual homes, neighborhoods and contributing to the improvement of communities by his efforts. He is an Ohio Professional Housing Provider (OPHP) – certified by the Ohio Real Estate Investor’s Association. He has been a member in good standing of that organization for many years. He is a member of the local Stark County, Ohio chapter and participates at the state convention as well as the level. Scott and his wife have a very active investment business.

Scott and his wife, Anne, are the proud parents of two adult daughters. They live in North Canton, Ohio where in addition to his business endeavors Scott where he has served as a church elder and on the Church Technology Committee and helps with the Public Dinner program. He enjoys reading, TV, movies, hiking, and traveling.

To learn more about Scott, visit his website at www.scottkrusemark.com.